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Phnom Penh, 25.March.2011 
       My name is Chhum Channy , I am the first daughter in family, was born in Phnom Penh. Nowadays, I am 27 years old. I have learned on grade 2 only because of my poor family. In 2003 I went to work as a factory worker until 2004 but due to factory salary cannot pay for water bill, electricity, home and other spending in my family enough, I think that I have to find another jobs beside of working in factory but I have learned only on grade 2. I always see my neighbor go to work at night and she has enough money to spend and make up herself pretty, I asked her that what did you do nowadays? Then she did not answer me at the moment. I told her that I want to find job that can earn a lot of money without literacy. When she heard my words like that, she told me she works as beer promoter. At that time, she advised me to work as a beer promoter like her if I want to earn much money. I heard that I told her “Let me think”. That time, I think that work as beer promoter will be mistreat from others and have no value in society but due to my family situation more difficult, for a few days I decided to work as beer promoter .
       In 2005, I remembered that when I started work as a beer promoter, many guests look down me, touch, kiss, pinch, insult and some guests force me to drink beer and to have sex with them. And what I never forget is some guests’ force women go in car and stick the gun in the back. If about the same beer promoters had distinguish each other.
       Then in 2007, there is an organization called CARE Organization, they had women presenter collected beer promoter to participate in course of life style training. After that, there is Solidarity Association of Beer Promoters in Cambodia (SABC) has continued educate at home and this association took me as a friend continue educating to educate to other beer promoters. Until now, because of SABC helped to support women who served entertainment services that related to law and health services. That’s why now I saw that beer promoters have been more recognized, have value in society and there are no more pictures of forcing to drink beer and have sex. Depending on the participation of Life Style Training course , for same beer promoters have changed their attitudes and manners not distinguish each other like before. Now beer promoters have learned to help each other when they have problem. Now I am very happy because the association provided me to be a member of SABC and gained me the opportunity to be friend continues educating to educate to other beer promoters.

       I determine and try to promote all information which relate to Law Service Health Service and continue promoting other information to another beer promoter.

Phnom Penh, 24.June,2011
        My name in Prom Soarpoan, I am a beer promoter at one restaurant in the vicinity of Rue Sey Keo District and I had work as a beer promoter for many years. In what I think that there is an important change for me is myself have change. Why I am like this because now I am brave to protest and find supporting not like before. Because before when the guest mistreat and sometime they call me that beer promoter, women who sell sexual, moreover called me that I sell sex in cheap price only 20$ and insulted me, but at that time, I walked away without any response. But until now I have knowledge about rights, law service, I learned a lot because of my friend who had volunteer work with Solidarity Association of Beer Promoter in Cambodia called me to join in the training course for 3 days with CARE organization that’s why it makes me understand a lot about health service, rights, law service, and brave to protest and find supporting.
        One day, the guest who works as in high level, he came to eat something in the restaurant where I had worked and that time, he call for beer and ask me to drink and sit near him. When he sits near me, he bites me. At that time, I was very angry then I take excuse that I ask to ‘pour wine for other guest for a moment. At that time too, I asked my executer to solve this problem with that guest then me executer also solve this but that guest threaten that will shoot if I don’t go to sit near him. When I heard that I also tell the guest that if you shoot me, I will sue you because I have phone number of ministry and my boss also help me. My important change is not just only for me, even my boss also changes. I think person who participate in changing is because of me myself. And due to my friend, they call me to join in training course and other tribune in the society and I see many organizations and institutions that help to support beer promoter.
       I think that this change is very important for me because if I don’t participate in this training course and join other tribune, I still not brave to protest and find any supporting.