About Solidarity Association

Background Information
Cambodia has signed the international human rights agreement to ensure equal rights between men and women in the social, economic, cultural and political fields. Cambodia is also a signatory country to CEDAW which commits to 42 articles of institutional law of Cambodia on the rights of people in developing associations for promoting women’s rights for country development goals.

According to a CARE Cambodia study 83% of Beer Promotion Women facing sexual touching, 54% facing sexual abuse, 38% forcing to do sexual activities in the work place. (CARE 2005). Moreover, Beer Promotion Women’s working conditions are insecure and unsafe.

SABC was established as a representative association of Beer Promotion Women on 30 December 2008 when a caucus of Beer Promotion Women elected a leadership committee. SABC seeks to give voice to Beer Promotion Women to advocate for positive change in their working lives among stakeholder such as the Government, beer companies and policy implementers to promote human rights, health and dignity of Beer Promotion Women in the public and workplace.

Article 1: Logo and Stamp
SABC’s logo means solidarity among beer promoter to get fame and dignity in beer promotion work. Joining hands together like spokes of wheel which means solidarity.  Seven hands represent of strength and collaboration. Blue round colour means stop violence and grey colour represent of outstanding and successful. [Just added ]
SABC’s stamp is round with 34mm in stamp surface has a picture of seven hand marches with the name of association in Khmer. The name of association in English is written around the circle below

Article 2: Mission
SABC will represent and work with all of its members and strategic partners to achieve equality, justice and dignity for Beer Promotion Women through:
  • Building the capacity of the Executive Committee and members to gain knowledge, skill to improve whole group of Beer Promotion Women.
  • Empowerment of Beer Promotion Women and their partners and families to bring positive change to the social perspective and to improve policies for beer promotion work.
  • Advocating and cooperating with stakeholders to improve sustainability and liveihoods of Beer Promotion Women in present and future.
Article 3: Core Values
  • Team work: We work together to build our organization to ensure complete participation, transparency and commitment.
  • Respect: Every idea and contribution is considered as a treasure for building and developing SABC.
  • Honesty and Transparency: Open all information, resources and development of SABC to all member  and  partner. Highly responsible to members, donors and other partners.
  • Empowerment and giving value: We strongly believe in respecting individual rights as well as those of group and that this can be achieved by motivation and empowerment to one self.
  • Zero tolerance of violence against women.
Article 4:  Membership
  • Open to all member who work as Beer Promotion Women
  • Every SABC member can contribute to support SABC facilities as well as other members when necessary.
  • All contributions will be spent and recorded transparently to SABC’s members.
Article 5: Ceasing membership
  • In case of passing away
  • Not respecting the statue / internal rules or core values of SABC
  • Any form of criminal activity
Article 6: Structure
SABC is governed by an elected Board of Directors.
SABC is lead and managed by an Executive Committee who were elected on 30 December 2008 in Phnom Penh. The Executive Committee comprises:
  • 1 Executive Director
  • 1 Deputy Director
  • 1 Program Manager
  • 1 Finance/ Admin Manager
  • 8 Executive Committee members
Article 7: Amendment of Statues
These statutes can only be amended on recommendation by the Executive Committee and shall be ratification by SABC Board of Directors.